KaScoBo (alias Karate Score Board) is a time-keeping software for karate tournaments (WKF rules 7.1, valid since 2012-01-01). You can download it here. See the project Wiki for more information.
KaScoBo has been programmed in C# under the Microsoft .NET platform and runs at Windows XP and newer.

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Any pictures of the use of the KaScoBo in your tournaments are welcome!


KaScoBo is published under the GNU General Public License v.3, which means for the tournament organizers: you can use it for free of charge for any tournament, on any number of computers. In addition, you can download the software's source code and modify it to your needs, etc. See the license text for details.


Just unpack the downloaded ZIP file to some directory (e.g. C:\kascobo) and run setup.exe file.


Not available yet... I'll try to add them ASAP.



my name is Jozef Chocholáček (no, it does not read like chocolate, but I am used to is after the years :-)) and I do Goju-ryu karate since 1989. And as I make my living by programming, so it was pretty logic choice to write a new application, when the old time-keeping hardware of the Czech Goju-ryu Karate Federation died back in 2007.
And now (in 2012) I've decided to open-source it, so here you are - enjoy!